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hubspot to salesforce education data architecture and marketing cloud

Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA), Marketing Cloud, Interactions for Recruiting, Tibco Scribe

Migrated client from Hubspot to Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA), Interactions for Student Recruitment, and Marketing Cloud

The University of Cincinnati Online is dedicated to providing a world-class educational experience that provides flexibility for busy professionals, lifelong learners, and students from around the world.

All of UC Online’s programs are led by nationally recognized faculty and combine innovation with freedom of intellectual inquiry to create an inclusive environment tailored towards the needs of UC Online students. The University of Cincinnati was one of the first institutions to offer online courses.
University of Cincinnati Online wanted to transition their recruiting efforts from a mature, heavily-used Hubspot system to a more robust CRM and marketing automation solution, so they selected Salesforce EDA as their CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud as their marketing platform. To make things more challenging, UC’s Hubspot licenses were set to expire on February 1, 2020, giving the team less than 3 months to recreate hundreds of email templates and journeys, move millions of rows of data and train their team of 30+ recruiters on the new system. They selected Summit Technologies as their partner in the transition.

Knowing that making a seamless transition between platforms can be challenging, particularly when data is being generated nearly every minute, 24/7, Summit recommended leveraging Scribe Online to create mappings between Hubspot and Salesforce CRM so the data could be kept in sync. The Summit team also recognized that UC Online was a perfect candidate for the free Interactions for Student Recruitment app for Salesforce EDA, and demo’ed the product for UC Online. After their enthusiastic response to Interactions, the team installed and configured the app alongside Salesforce EDA.

Summit Technologies worked closely with client staff to create a project plan that included the following
Current state analysis and gap analysis
Hubspot data analysis and mappings to existing and custom Salesforce objects and fields

  • Continuous migration and syncing of data from Hubspot org to new Salesforce org

  • Installed and configured Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

  • Installed and configured Interactions for Student Recruitment for EDA

  • Configured EDA for Departments, Terms, Programs, and Program Enrollments.

  • Designed and created numerous reports and dashboards for various stakeholder groups to measure individual, team, and organizational performance

  • Successfully migrated millions of data records from legacy system to Salesforce using Tibco Scribe, custom data extraction scripts, and Salesforce Data Loader

  • Helped migrate dozens of email templates and customer journeys

  • Guided client through User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process

  • Collaborated with key stakeholders at UC Online to design a highly-customized training program for their Recruiting, Retention, and Marketing teams.

  • Delivered a full-day of training on-site at the University of Cincinnati

  • Worked during deployment and post go-live with client team to ensure a smooth, successful deployment

​Success! The project was completed without any major obstacles and on-time. Client admins are more empowered than ever before to support their users and extend the solution as needed to ensure it keeps up with the demands of their business. Summit Technologies remains engaged with the client to provide additional advice and support as they move forward.

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