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getfeedback - a survey solution with native salesforce integration

GetFeedback on GetFeedback

GetFeedback was founded because we were fed up with uninspiring surveys that looked like voter ballots—no one enjoyed making them, and recipients definitely didn’t want to take them.

So we took the matter into our own hands and created our own version of a survey—beautiful, customizable and mobile-friendly—that would actually strengthen relationships with customers, not hinder them.

And because our founders were early Salesforce executives, it was only natural for us to marry the two—beautiful surveys and the world’s No. 1 CRM platform—so companies could quickly respond to customers’ needs. Which ended up being a good decision as we’re now the top-rated feedback solution for Salesforce.

Our priority has always been to provide companies with the best customer feedback solution. That’s because understanding your customer’s perception is the foundation of any successful customer experience (CX) program. For us it’s straightforward: Better surveys incite better responses, which lead to more real-time data and, as a result, smarter business decisions.

Great CX can’t exist unless you truly know your customer. We’re here to bridge the gaps and empower brands to build those ideal customer relationships they crave.

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