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Is your Salesforce implementation healthy?

With three releases a year Salesforce is an evolving platform,and it is important to make sure your implementation evolves too. Are you taking advantage of the latest features, maintaining the integrity of your data, securing your organization from external and internal threats? Are your users actually using the system as much as they should? Are they entering data into multiple systems?

Get a free Salesforce check-up

A Salesforce certified consultant will evaluate your Salesforce implementation and create a report with recommendations in the following areas:

  • Security Review

  • Business Process Review

  • Salesforce Best Practices

  • Lightning Readiness - Are you ready to make the switch to Salesforce's updated UI?

  • Data integrity - is your data complete, normalized and usable?

  • App check - what apps are you using (and not using)? Are there new apps you could take advantage of?

  • Integration check - is your email client integrated? What other products do you use that could be easily integrated with Salesforce?

  • User adoption - is everyone logging in and using the platform as they should?

  • New features - are you taking advantage of the latest productivity enhancing features from Salesforce? With 3 releases a year, it can be hard to stay on top of all the current features. Luckily, we follow new Salesforce releases closely!

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