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mobile inspections solution


Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementation


eAtlantic Engineering partnered with Summit Technologies on a journey to digital transformation - away from a paper-based system, to a modern, streamlined, and simple inspection process. Summit Technologies recognized that eAtlantic Engineering’s business objective would be a great fit for the Salesforce Field Service Lightning product. eAtlantic Engineering agreed and engaged Summit Technologies in implementing that solution for their mobile inspection process.


The primary areas of focus for eAtlantic Engineering are Building Code Inspections and Structural Engineering. They provide a wide variety of Inspections, Plan Reviews, Testing and Consulting. The main corporate office is located in Cape Coral, Florida. eAtlantic has project sites in many counties throughout the state of Florida.



eAtlantic Engineering was spending many hours on an inefficient, paper-based process they had developed for monitoring client projects requiring inspections, assigning inspections to the most qualified inspector in the area, creating inspection schedules, and reporting inspection results to the county agencies. Although there was a great opportunity to grow the business, these manual processes were holding them back.


A robust field service and CRM solution built on the Salesforce Field Service Lightning platform answers the challenges the eAtlantic Engineering team faced.  Summit Technologies built a solution that exceeded the expectations of eAtlantic Engineering.


A short list of features from the Inspector Solution:

  • Inspector Efficiency

    • Provide inspectors with the ability to see their schedule

    • Utilize Mobile app to quickly navigate to their next appointment

    • Image upload document with photos

    • Create inspection results through the Field Service Mobile App

    • Cut inspector travel time by creating optimized inspection routes

  • Administrator Optimization

    • Assign inspections to properly qualified inspectors in a region

    • Generate inspection reports to contractors

    • Create notices to the agency on Scheduled Inspections

    • Notify the agency on Completed inspections

    • Generate the sequence of inspections that need to be completed

    • Provide inspectors a schedule of their inspections

    • Generate the full final inspection report on a single click

  • Contractor Improvements

    • Inspection report to be provided to the contractor when completed

    • Self Service to book appointments 

    • Allowed contractors to view past inspections



eAtlantic Engineering has been able to streamline the process for inspectors and significantly reduce the time it takes to report to the county agencies.  With the new digital experience and automated solution, eAtlantic Engineering is positioned for rapid growth.

From the Client

“If we could give [Summit Technologies] six stars, we would!”

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