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the ohio state university

college of dentistry

Salesforce CRM, Community and custom Lightning Component


The Ohio State University College of Dentistry Sterilization Monitoring Service (OSU SMS)


The Ohio State University College of Dentistry runs a for-profit service to ensure that the sterilization equipment used by their clients, who might be a dentist office, a medical clinic or a tattoo parlor, is working correctly.



OSU SMS was using a custom-built desktop application to track clients, their orders, the tests and the test results. The solution was built in MicroSoft Access and OSU SMS wished to share test results with their clients directly using a web portal. A previous initiative to build a website back-ended by their Access application had failed and OSU SMS was looking to replace the Access application with a cloud-based CRM that would also allow them to share test results with their clients via a secured web portal.



Summit Technologies analyzed the existing Access application and designed a similar solution in Salesforce Sales Cloud that addressed some of the limitations of the previous solution. Custom objects and fields were created to track orders of test strips, client sterilization equipment, the testing of the strips and the test results. Standard objects with some custom fields were used to track client accounts and contacts. Historical data was migrated from Access into Salesforce.

During discovery, Summit Technologies determined that a key feature of the Access application was the ability for lab workers to input many hundreds of tests into the system each day - as many as 1500 per day. The Access solution was designed to allow tests to be entered sequentially via a keyboard, with no need to touch a mouse. Out of the box Salesforce user interface was not going to allow for the rapid entry of test records like this, so it was determined that a custom Lightning component was needed to mimic the behavior of the Access app. Summit performed the analysis, wrote the user stories, developed, tested and revised the custom component until it worked flawlessly. Along the way Summit identified some areas where increased efficiency could be gained in the existing process.

Summit designed and implemented a Salesforce Community to allow OSU SMS to share test results with their clients. Clients can now add and remove equipment for their account, view test results and print test reports needed for their compliance with regulations.

In the CRM solution, Summit leveraged record types to allow OSU SMS to track both client orders and OSU SMS orders with their vendors. Summit also utilized Visualforce to build several standard reports OSU SMS needed to output for their clients in PDF format, both individually and in bulk at the end of each month.

Summit Technologies provided both user and admin training to OSU SMS staff for the CRM solution and the Community.



The OSU SMS now has a highly scalable cloud-based CRM and customer portal that allows them to run their department with greater efficiency and share important test results information with their clients in real time.

OSU SMS also has additional reports and dashboards to monitor testing operations and the notification of clients of failed tests. The added efficiency will allow OSU SMS to scale their service without the need to add addition staff.

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