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summit technologies creates custom email campaign for the city of delaware

Salesforce CRM & Email Campaign


The City of Delaware teamed with Summit Technologies to create a custom Salesforce solution to manage email campaigns for delinquency issues and escalations, and program efficiency monitoring.


The historic City of Delaware, established on May 9, 1808, has since flourished in its residential and industrial development. Its proximity to Columbus, as well as historic periods of growth and prosperity, has greatly influenced the city’s economy. Its history, however, is carefully preserved in its many 19th century buildings and homes, its comfortable scale and hometown pace of life.



Because of the pandemic and considerations that were being extended to utility customers, the City of Delaware had not issued any late notices or cut off notices to delinquent utility customers in quite some time. Their existing system grew frustrating for customers and employees alike as it proved to be unreliable and inefficient. The City of Delaware needed a tool that was capable of creating these notices each month and organizing information as reports and cases arose.



Summit Technologies worked with the City of Delaware to design an outreach campaign automation with customized Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns, and Email templates to help them facilitate their requests. Summit Technologies created email templates (late notice, delinquency notice, and cut off notice) with city brand (logos and color scheme) and body text provided by the City of Delaware. Each month, they will export three lists from their utility system, import these lists into Salesforce, and generate the appropriate email campaign to send to the recipients. To ensure the City of Delaware had all its needs met, they collaborated with Summit Technologies to complete the following:

  • Analyze existing City of Delaware data sources to identify custom objects, fields and picklist values

  • Perform gap analysis on current system functionality vs desired functionality

  • Conduct analysis of current business processes

  • Document and advise on sales process as it pertains to CRM

  • Review KPI's and other metrics that can be tracked in CRM to measure and manage individuals and teams

  • Allow City of Delaware clerks to manage email campaigns to collect delinquent DelCo Water billings

  • Allow City of Delaware management team to manage delinquency issues and escalations

  • Allow City of Delaware executives to monitor program efficacy

  • Provide remote training session with PowerPoint presentations and a recording of the training



Summit Technologies was successful in implementing an outreach campaign capable of formulating, sending, and reporting on delinquent accounts and escalations. The City of Delaware now has an effective solution to track these issues as well as evaluate the efficiency of the program.

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