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carter logistics crm migration from winmore to salesforce


Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot Implementations


Replace Winmore CRM with Salesforce Sales Cloud to better track deals. Create a system to better manage driver relation efforts. Implement Pardot to provide Marketing department with automation capabilities.


Carter started its business in 1982 with just a couple of trucks moving parts from suppliers to various automotive assembly plants. Today, they are well known within the manufacturing industry as a world-class logistics company.



Carter Logistics was frustrated with the slow performance and lack of capabilities of WinMore, a CRM system made for the trucking industry. Although there were some features Carter had built into the system that they liked, its poor performance, high cost, and inability to meet their growing needs made them want to replace it. 

Additionally, Carter wanted to create a system to better engage with their drivers to reduce driver turnover, ramp up their marketing efforts with a marketing automation solution, and easily generate accurate, branded sales documents from a single system.


Summit Technologies meticulously analyzed WinMore and discussed the features that helped their sales team collaborate on complex deals as well as areas it was falling short and could be improved. The Summit Technologies team designed a custom task-driven sales system that broke each stage of an opportunity into required and optional tasks that could be assigned to team members, managed by due date, and whose completion was required to advance the opportunity. Some of the features of the implementation included:




In a few months, Carter Logistics went from a CRM with major performance issues and limitations to a feature-rich, high performing system with excellent reports and dashboards for previously unprecedented managerial oversight into sales processes. Branded sales contracts are now quickly and accurately generated from Salesforce, reducing the time and frustration spent passing around Word documents.


Carter was able to move driver data and rewards programs from multiple spreadsheets into a dynamic system that improved visibility and capability while reducing staff effort.


The Carter Marketing team has built email campaigns for prospects, customers, and drivers and has the reporting capabilities they desired to better manage their marketing efforts and budgets.

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